platelet aggregation

platelet aggregation
  1. агрегация тромбоцитов


агрегация тромбоцитов



  • биотехнологии


  • platelet aggregation

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  • platelet aggregation — a clumping together of platelets, part of a sequential mechanism leading to the initiation and formation of a thrombus or hemostatic plug. It can be induced in vitro, and probably in vivo, by agents such as ADP, thrombin, and collagen …   Medical dictionary

  • platelet aggregation —    Platelets are the small, rather uniform fragments of large bone marrow cells that aid the blood in coagulation, hemostasis, inflammation, and thrombus formation. Mild subclotting and sticking is a common early condition that can lead to… …   Herbal-medical glossary

  • Platelet factor 4 — (PF4) is a small cytokine belonging to the CXC chemokine family that is also known as chemokine (C X C motif) ligand 4 (CXCL4) . This chemokine is released from alpha granules of activated platelets during platelet aggregation, and promotes blood …   Wikipedia

  • Platelet-activating factor — Identifiers CAS number 74389 68 7 …   Wikipedia

  • Platelet — Platelets, or thrombocytes, are small cytoplasmic bodies derived from cells. They circulate in the blood of mammals and are involved in hemostasis leading to the formation of blood clots. Like red blood cells, platelets have no nucleus. If the… …   Wikipedia

  • platelet-activating factor — plate·let ac·ti·vat·ing factor .ak tə .vāt iŋ n phospholipid that is produced esp. by mast cells and basophils, causes the aggregation of blood platelets and the release of blood platelet substances (as histamine or serotonin), and is a mediator… …   Medical dictionary

  • Aggregation — may refer to: * Link aggregation, using multiple Ethernet network cables/ports in parallel to increase link speed * Particle aggregation, direct mutual attraction between particles (atoms or molecules) via van der Waals forces or chemical bonding …   Wikipedia

  • Platelet membrane glycoprotein — Platelet membrane glycoproteins are surface glycoproteins on platelets which have a key role in haemostasis and thrombosis such as platelet adhesion and aggregation. Many of these are receptors [… …   Wikipedia

  • Pseudo gray platelet syndrome — was described by Cockbill, Burmester, and Heptinstall (1988) who reported a 25 year old woman with a history of mild bruising and bleeding. Bleeding time, activated partial thromboplastin time, prothrombin time, and euglobulin lysis time were… …   Wikipedia

  • Ristocetin induced platelet agglutination — The ristocetin induced platelet aggregation (RIPA) is an in vitro assay for von Willebrand factor activity used to diagnose von Willebrand disease. It has the benefit over the ristocetin cofactor activity in that it can diagnose type 2B vWD and… …   Wikipedia

  • Quebec Platelet Disorder — (QPD) is a rare, autosomal dominant bleeding disorder described in a family from the province of Quebec in Canada [Hayward CP, Rivard GE, Kane WH, Drouin J, Zheng S, Moore JC, Kelton JG. An autosomal dominant, qualitative platelet disorder… …   Wikipedia

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